Unusual Food Combinations

It’s not just for chilli, our sauces taste good in just about anything. Here’s our top 10 unusual food combinations.

We’ve already added a kick to our grub in many ways. Combining chilli with chocolate covered strawberries, hot scrambled eggs and we spiced up movie night by adding our hot pepper sauce to our popcorn.

Here are some hot, saucy creations we think will taste amazing, the best chilli sauce will definitely add some oomph to these:

1. Flaming eggs, add a burn to your breakfast by combining it with hollandaise.
2. Bash it in your cheesy mash.
3. Try avocado on toast with hot sauce drizzled on top.
4. Spice up your cheese or chocolate fondue, melt in some hot sauce.
5. Mix it into your salad dressing; combine with syrup for fruit salads and vinaigrette for savoury salads.
6. Add a burn to an old classic, put it in your gravy to add a kick to your Sunday roast or bangers and mash or try it in pie, just stir it into corn-beef or shepherd’s pie to give it some oomph.
7. Use it as dipping sauce for you Edamame beans or blitz it to make a spicy, beany dip for your crisps.
8. Apple crumble.
9. Spice up your weekly fish and chips.
10. Drizzle on your veggies, the kids will never complain that greens are boring again.

Try some of these unusual but tasty dishes yourself and tell us what you think. We’ve even done some of the hard work for you, go to our recipe section where you can find the recipes for some of these unusual food combinations.

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