Fear not chilli fiends, Top Dog Earl can answer all your questions here in out FAQ section.

Q. Which is the hottest sauce?
A. It depends on your pallet and heat tolerance, however most people will tell you the Hot Original Pepper Sauce and the Hot Limed Pepper Sauce are quite equally matched.

Q. Are there dogs in it?
A. No, we love dogs and none are harmed in the making of Hot Diggidy Dog sauce.

Q. Is it for dogs?
A. We wouldn’t recommend it. Earl has a very unique pallette.

Q. Why is it different?
A. It’s hotter than other sauces and for this reason you use less of the sauce, making it more cost effective and a product benefit to customers. It’s more attractive than other brands on the market. Tabasco may be like the Hoover as it will always be there, but Hot Diggidy Dog is like the slick new Dyson, the new kid on the block that’s challenging other brands.

Q. What are your wholesale prices?
A. Please contact Petty Wood Foods to discuss wholesale prices.

Q. What is the shelf life of the sauces?
A. 4 years (but don’t keep it on the shelf, bash it in the pan.)