Share the Flavour

We’re full of fiery flavour and want to share it with everyone. We already have a list of stockists and happily welcome new ones all the time. For more information on stocking our flaming hot sauces on your shelves read the information below.

UK Stockists
1. Contact Simon on 0844 879 3265
2. Stock is delivered to store or store depot

International Stockists
1. Contact Simon on +44 844 879 3265
2. Discuss stocking requirements

Benefits of Hot Diggidy Dog
ROI: With growing popularity throughout the UK and International interest, Hot Diggidy Dog is continuously growing, therefore the ability to make a good margin is guaranteed.
Capacity: We currently have the capacity to produce 1 million bottles per year.
Demand: With our refined production system we’re able to keep shelves stocked to suit demand.
Our sauces are already in demand in the UK, this is set to increase with further collaborations and on-going negotiations in the UK and overseas.

With production and profit margins set to increase, now is a great time to become part of the Hot Diggidy Dog story, and become a stockist of the new generation of hot sauces everyone wants on their food.