A State of Being: Diggidy & Doggidy

The first thing you need to know is the difference between being Diggidy and being Doggidy.

  • Diggidy is the adjective used to describe humans.
  • Doggidy is an adjective purely reserved for dogs, not all animals – just dogs.

What does it mean?

Whether you are diggidy or doggidy the meaning is the same, it means you’re a cool person or dog.

As a diggidy person you’ll:

  • Know all cool things and all things worth knowing
  • Have great banter
  • Love a pint at your local
  • Be a bit of a chilli connoisseur
  • Have great taste in t-shirts and jeans
  • Know exactly how to bring the shopping in, in one go
  • Never have to consult a map
  • Never have to look at instructions
  • Can fix stuff by looking at it

As a doggidy dog you’ll:

  • Be all the things above
  • Be territorial over land, toys, food and people
  • Be amazing at fetch
  • Be able to find sausages from miles away
  • Get lots of attention from babes
  • Never have to clean up your own mess
  • Sleep a lot
  • Bark at your reflection in the window – or at nothing at all.

Whether you’re diggidy or doggidy all are welcome here, join us in our experimentation with chilli and get stuck into some proper hot grub.

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