Pub Quiz – Know Your Chillies

Any bloke or lover of proper hot food should know the core facts of chilli and it’s history. Try out our pub quiz for a truly fiery night.

1. Are chilli peppers fruit or veg?

2. Does the size of the chilli matter when indicating the level of spice?

3. What is the hottest chilli in the world?

4. What is the best thing to drink after eating a proper hot chilli?

5. What is the chemical called that is responsible for the spiciness of chilli ++ peppers?

6. Which Western outlaw refused to rob a bank in McKinney, Texas, because his favourite chilli parlour was located there?

7. Can chilli peppers burn more than your mouth?

8. Can chillies help you lose weight?

9. Who was the first European to discover chilli peppers?

10. Who holds the world record for eating the most chilli peppers?

11. How many did she eat?

12. How much did the worlds largest curry weigh?

13. Who invented Scoville Heat Units?

14. Are dried chillies hotter than fresh chillies?

15. Can you get desensitised to eating chillies?

16. Which country is the largest producer of chilli?

17. Is there any species that cannot feel the spiciness of the pepper?

18. What is the origin of chilli?

19. Can chillies make you happy?

20. What is the hottest part of chilli peppers?

21. Various superstitions surrounded chillies. The most widespread belief was that they:
a. Brought good fortune
b. Generated wealth
c. Warded off evil
d. Increased fertility

22. Some people dislike the heat of even the mildest chillies, but which species can eat the hottest ones without discomfort?
a. Monkeys
b. Drunken Englishmen
c. Birds
d. Dogs


1. Fruit

2. Yes, but surprisingly the smaller and thinner the chilli pepper is, the spicier it is.

3. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

4. Milk

5. Capsaicin

6. Jesse James: Frank and Jesse James reputedly ate a few ‘bowls of red’ before pulling many of their bank jobs. McKinney was spared from their criminal activities because of the local chilli parlour. They vowed never to rob the McKinney town bank, because ‘any place that has a chilli joint like this just oughta be treated better.’

7. The oils inside chilli peppers can burn skin as the molecule that attacks the inside of your mouth can affect your skin in the same way.

8. Yes, the heat from the chilli makes you breathe more rapidly therefore increasing your metabolism.

9. Christopher Columbus when he discovered America in 1493.

10. An Indian woman named Anadita Dutta Tamuly holds the Guinness World Record for eating the most chilli peppers in one sitting.

11. She ate 51 Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chillies) in just two minutes.

12. 13 tonnes

13. Wilbur Scoville.

14. Yes. The drying process increases the heat of the chillies.

15. Yes. Tests have shown that with successive exposure to equal concentrations of capsaicin the sensation of pungency decreases.

16. India

17. Yes. Fish because they have no pain receptors.

18. Mexico

19. Yes. In response to the tongue being burnt by chillies, the brain produces endorphins; the hormone responsible for making you feel happy. The brain also secretes endorphins after exercise.

20. The white pith that surrounds the seeds and runs thick veins through the pod.

21. Warded off evil

22. Birds

Score Guide: Out of 22

18 and above: You’re on fire!

13 – 17: You’re proper hot.

8 – 12: O’rite, but return to the chilli pot to receive a volcanic explosion of +++++knowledge.

4 – 7: You’re a disappointment to chillies everywhere.

0 – 3: Chillies weep at your feat in despair.

How did you do on our chilli pub quiz? Tell us your score in the comments section bellow.

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