Hot Diggidy Dog’s little contender challenges Tabasco

Saucy little contender challenges Tabasco

Chilli sauce start-up Hot Diggidy Dog has snatched a lucrative Ministry of Defence contract from the industry leader

Rebecca Burn Callander

By , Enterprise Editor

Former submariner Simon Llewellyn is taking on hot sauce giant Tabasco with his Wales-based challenger brand Hot Diggidy Dog.
The sauce, named after Llewellyn’s dachshund Earl, is stocked in Asda and Tesco stores across Wales, and the company has now landed a lucrative contract with the Ministry of Defence to replace Tabasco sauce in military ration packs designed to sustain deployed personnel during long patrols or operations.
After an initial order for 75,000 bottles, the MoD last week requested another 100,000 units, but Llewellyn wants to roll-out his challenger sauce to all 1.6m ration packs issued by the MoD every year.
Llewellyn developed a single-serving version of Hot Diggidy Dog to target this market. It is the only hot sauce maker beside Tabasco to produce a glass miniature. “It took us two years to get the sauce just right to serve to the military,” he says. “It was expensive to do, but the MoD contract is proof that it was worth it.”
The 5ml vial of Hot Diggidy Dog sauce is the first addition to the MoD’s ration packs since 2010.
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