Fat Burning Chilli Power

Fat Burning Chillies: The diet industry is reportedly worth £2 billion per year, and some women can spend up to £25,000 on dieting products in a lifetime, so the news that chilli is a potentially fat busting food is good news for our waistlines and our pockets.

The benefits of eating chilli was recently featured on an episode of the food hospital when Dr. Pixie willingly became a human guinea pig and took part in an experiment to determine whether eating chilli helped you burn calories.

The results were determined by measuring the rapidity (metabolic rate) of breathing both before and after eating the hot curry. Each participant ate a curry containing a different amount of Bird’s Eye Chilli peppers (the same ones we use in our hot, tasty sauce). Interestingly Dr. Pixie’s curry was positioned in the middle of the heat scale containing two Bird’s Eye chilli peppers, yet she burnt more fat than the person who had the three-chilli curry. This and other experiments have determined that those who aren’t accustomed to eating chillies regularly are affected more when they eat them, for this reason Dr. Pixies’ results were higher, therefore releasing the fat burning chilli power.

Researchers believe that adding a bit of fire to your grub helps your waistline in three ways:

  1. The burning sensation caused by the capsaicin triggers the release of adrenaline; this raises the core temperature of the body and therefore increases the heart and breathing rate, helping you to burn calories.
  2. Also, capsaicin increases fat oxidation, pushing the body to use more fat as fuel – it is literally fat burning.
  3. Finally, it acts as an appetite suppressant, although more research needs to be conducted to determine exactly how it curbs your cravings. Researchers reported that women and men who ate chilli-spiked food were less hungry and ate significantly less at subsequent meals.

They also found that the properties in chillies released into the body, trick the brain into thinking that the meal contains more fat than it actually does. This helps curb peoples appetite for salty, sweet and fatty foods. It reduces the need for future fat burning, this just gets better and better.

Of course chillies are not the ultimate solution when it comes to dieting and weight-loss. Real results can only be achieved through a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise, but it is good to know that food is on our side and can in a small way, help us fight fat with food and can even help you turn down the occasional doughnut.

The experiment conducted on The Food Hospital found that a person could burn up to 50 extra calories a day if you regularly eat chillies, and could give significant weight loss over one to two years. The benefits of chilli peppers do not end here, they are also rich in Vitamin A and C, and are a natural painkiller making chilli peppers a real culinary super hero.

Whether you’re trying to reduce a beer-belly or muffin-top we think hot sauce tastes good on everything, so make sure you bash some in the pan with you’re next meal for some fat burning chilli power to be released.

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