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Heat Tolerance – Our hot pepper sauce is full of fire

How much heat can you handle? Some of these scorchers may surprise you. Our hot chilli sauce is full of chilli heat, but can you guess which chilli? Find out below.
First let’s break down the Scoville Scale. The Scoville Scale is named after its creator Wilbur Scoville a pharmacist, who in 1912 created a method to measure capsaicin (the chemical in hot peppers that’s responsible for blowing your socks off)…

Chilli Trivia

If you failed our chilli pub quiz or just want to swot up on your chilli knowledge our chilli trivia section contains all the weird and absurd chilli facts that can be found. Sections: Uses History Type Pop culture Uses: Acne: Face cream made from chillies has miraculous properties which when used can combat acne […]

Fat Burning Chilli Power

Fat Burning Chillies: The diet industry is reportedly worth £2 billion per year, and some women can spend up to £25,000 on dieting products in a lifetime, so the news that chilli is a potentially fat busting food is good news for our waistlines and our pockets. The benefits of eating chilli was recently featured […]