The History of Our Hot Pepper Sauce

Simon’s desire to create a new and original sauce was kick-started by his serving background in the Navy. After years of eating the nutritious but bland food in the Navy Simon decided he wanted to spice up everyone’s grub as well as his own. The Hot Diggidy Dog  journey began with Simon’s burning obsession with hot stuff and now he’s determined to share this with all you chilli-nutjobs on a global scale.  So, no matter where you are, you can experience a flaming, tangy feast.

1990 Simon joined the Navy and served as a nuclear engineer, on a nuclear sub.
1994 – 1998 Simon served as a field gun runner, after suffering multiple injuries in 2000 he was given medical discharge.
2000 Simon bought his first cafe
2006 His love of food and engineering took him to Dubai where he worked in civilian oil and gas engineering until 2009
2009 Simon returned to the UK after finding out his son Zeb was on the way.
June 2009 Hot Diggidy Dog was set up to import sauces that were not available in the UK, Simon travelled around the country selling sauces from the back of his van.
2009 Realising there was a niche in the sauce market for the next big player Simon began perfecting his own sauce.
2010 The Hot Original Pepper Sauce is created shortly followed by Hot Limed Pepper Sauce.
2010 The brand started taking off with labelling and introducing Hot Diggidy Dog to the market as a new generation of hot sauce.
2010 Hot Diggidy Dog TV channel begins
2010 Products accepted by Tesco shortly followed by ASDA and several other UK distributors.
2011 Zeblaa sauce is created after Simon’s father decides he can’t take the heat of the pepper sauces. The name ‘Zeblaa’ is derived from his son’s name, Zeb.
2012 The food service market gains popularity.
2013 Now we are concentrating on exporting as well as continuing to build UK distribution (and global domination – by Earl).
2015 Simon appears on BBC Television’s Dragons’ Den, with the Dragons complimentary of the Hot Diggidy Dog product range, and Simon very appreciative of their advice. Earl laughs in the face of Dragons.