Love at First Taste

A rich burning sensation filled my mouth; I opened my eyes with excitement. Had I found it? Had I succeeded in my worldwide quest to find the ultimate hot sauce after finally returning to Barry?

Glancing down at me was a black and brown sausage dog with a bottle clasped between his teeth. Stood on my chest, his tiny paw was gently pulling my mouth open while he dripped hot sauce into my mouth. I looked up, my eyes wide with confusion.

Letting the bottle drop to my chest and roll to the cold, concrete floor of Barry Island sea front, he seemed to grin and say ‘Hey, my name’s Earl.’

The hazy memory of the night before reappeared, the boys were trying to calm me down. In my despair at realising I’d failed in my quest to find the ultimate hot sauce I’d eaten all the chillies I could find. I wolfed down chilli after chilli in a mad frenzy, and that’s all I remembered.

Finally I’ve found it, right where I began. This small sausage dog called Earl possesses the ultimate hot sauce I’ve been searching for my whole life and now I can’t get enough of it.