Earl’s Real Doggidy

Simon: Right, here I am with Earl, owner and creator of our fiery sauce – Hot Diggidy Dog, Hot Original Pepper Sauce. Earl has managed to tear himself away from his busy schedule to tell us more about himself and what he does at Hot Diggidy Dog. So Earl, what do you get up to in that plush, silk lined, entertainment filled pad you call a work place?

Earl: Well, I mostly sleep, bark and shake my toys around, I enjoy rolling. Sometimes I sniff test sauces and plan world domination for Hot Diggidy Dog sauce.

Simon:  But I never see you do any work.


Simon:  Uh, what did you do yesterday then?

Earl:  The same

Simon:  Well what time did you get up then?

Earl: Hmm… six-ish, I sensed danger.

Simon:  Danger?

Earl:  Yes, I’m sure there was someone in my room looking for something. So I barked for a while and had a look around, you don’t happen to know anything about that do you Simon?

Simon:  Me! Uh, no no. I don’t know anything about that, umm… So I think what many people would like to know is how you can talk?


Simon:  Right… uh, so have you experimented with the sauce recently?

Earl:  I use it in my food everyday, I mix it with chicken, hot dogs, burgers, chilli mince everything. I recently put hot sauce on one of my dog bones, that worked quite nicely.

Simon:  That’s it? Are you sure you haven’t played around with the recipe and experimented with the ingredients – which would be?

Earl:  Nope, the recipe doesn’t need to be altered.

Simon:  Tell me Earl.

Earl:Tell you what?

Simon:  The recipe, tell me.

Earl:  Look Simon we’ve been through this…

Simon:  (eurrrrgh!)

Earl:  Don’t be such a tool Simon, you know I’m never giving it up. For the benefit of this interview I would like to note that Simon has stormed off to down a bottle of Hot Pepper Sauce.